Limited Release: Lot 410

October 16, 2017

Limited Release: Lot 410

At Evolution we appreciate our collaborative brews with other breweries and different accounts. This month we are releasing a very special collaborative brew with our Baltimore accounts, Lot 410.  Although we have done collaborative beers before, this will be the first time doing one in partnership with the state of Maryland in honor of the 2017 Baltimore Beer Week.

Lot 410 is a liquid tribute to Baltimore’s industrial landscape and the Eastern Shore’s agricultural roots. For the Baltimore Beer Week – exclusive project we invited some of our Baltimore friends to the brewery to create a blended IPA incorporating fruit, bourbon barrels and our IPAs.

In August, we invited some of our Baltimore craft accounts to our Salisbury brewery to not only give them a tour and a great time, but to also come together to create a Baltimore beer that represented those at the table. Famous for our mainlines, Lot no. 3 and Lot no. 6, we called this Baltimore colllab Lot 410.  Representatives from World of Beer, Brass Tap, Brewers Cask, Lighthouse Liquors and Fallston Barrel House all came down to partake in this awesome collaboration. Everyone was able to share their voice on their favorite flavors to come up with a unique brew that would represent Maryland well.

After a tour of the brewery and our quality control laboratory, we discussed flavors and components over a couple of brewskis. The winners were peaches, vanilla and tropical fruit aromas. Together, we picked up some fresh peaches from the local market to cut and roast them that day.

Half of the blend is our Lot 3 IPA conditioned on 5 pounds per barrel of smoked local peaches, dry hopped with Simcoe, Citra, and Amarillo. Ten percent of the blend is Lot 3 aged in Cody Road bourbon barrels, with unfiltered Lot 6 DIPA accounting for the remaining 40 percent.

The freshly roasted peaches and vanilla add just enough sweetness to this American IPA. This brew is something we are very proud of at Evolution., Not only is it great to represent our Maryland pride together, but it is one hell of a beer.

You can pick up a pint of Lot 410 for yourself this month, as 40 barrels are all over Baltimore.  Look out for it at your favorite craft beer bar for a limited time only!